He says the merely material he is able to think about was calling brand new medically cutting-edge Vidiians

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He says the merely material he is able to think about was calling brand new medically cutting-edge Vidiians

He says the merely material he is able to think about was calling brand new medically cutting-edge Vidiians

Toward a gorgeous globe on the Delta Quadrant, Commander Chakotay, and you may Chief Kathryn Janeway is awakened using their stasis tools because of the The doctor, just who records they’ve been in stasis to own seventeen weeks. He regrets to share with them one, despite all his and sites web de rencontres lds gratuits Kes’ perform, he’s got perhaps not receive hope for the illness the 2 officials were infected which have. It appears that the only path the 2 officers is also prevent developing the brand new deadly episodes is always to stick to the world, where an unfamiliar ability could probably manage him or her regarding the disease’s effects. Janeway terminates the new com link to discuss the situation with Chakotay, and you can both agree that new Vidiians create probably assault new team to have areas of the body in place of promote support. Chakotay requires once they you are going to accept on their own once delivering the newest USS Voyager into that kind of hazard. Janeway’s meant answer is no.

Resolutions (episode)

Janeway hails Lieutenant Tuvok and requires him if he’d heard New Healthcare provider’s report. Whenever Tuvok replies he keeps, Janeway informs your you to definitely she actually is flipping more demand off Voyager so you can your toward a permanent base. She sales your to set a program towards Alpha Quadrant, and you can, even after precisely what the Doctor claims, not to ever contact the fresh new Vidiians. Tuvok understands that he understood Janeway’s instructions. Janeway informs Tuvok one to she’s going to ready yourself a contact into the staff.

Act You to

Tuvok, Lieutenants B’Elanna Torres and you may Tom Paris, Kes, Neelix, and you will Ensign Harry Kim talk about the captain’s final buy to exit her or him trailing whilst in a meeting on briefing room. Torres and you can Paris is actually not surprisingly and you will vocally distraught during the choice, whenever you are Kes informs folks that Doctor has never deactivated himself having 30 days seeking to all of the choice to possess a cure which he can not be at fault. Neelix states you to definitely crew spirits will suffer “if we log off them trailing.” Tuvok asserts that it is not a point of if, but out-of once they log off the fresh chief and you can Chakotay at the rear of, because the choice was already generated. Tuvok assurances this new crew that they’re going to have the ability to the new technological comforts they you would like, and this the new master, “an in a position researcher,” is guaranteed to work to your hope for their virus. Should she ensure it is, he has got a questionnaire nine shuttlecraft on the convenience. Paris scoffs you to within a top price away from warp cuatro, it takes them seven-hundred ages to acquire household. About whole replace, Kim are quiet and you will dejected, and you can stays in his chair immediately after Tuvok dismisses the staff.

Janeway and you can Chakotay start to discover as much as within their things directed on them. She lists from an effective dizzying array of browse products that have calculated optimism, assure Chakotay that this woman is confident of finding a cure. Chakotay begins carrying its makeshift protection more than, and you may requires the woman and this means she need they. She tells put the gray on the outside and also the beige internally, given that this lady has always featured greatest during the beige. Janeway states which would be enjoyable so you can harsh they having a bit. Chakotay reviews one to in the place of safety, seats, tricorders, and you will a good replicator, it was as well harsh to possess him. Janeway reactions that they don’t, although not, keeps a shower, and if Chakotay inquires with what she setting, she claims one a shower was the girl favourite way of leisurely. She together with says to your you to definitely, since they commonly for the an order framework anymore, he should telephone call their Kathryn. A tiny threatened, he tells the lady that she should render him a few days on that.

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