These lines are actually a BOLD demonstration that nothing changes at school.

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These lines are actually a BOLD demonstration that nothing changes at school.

These lines are actually a BOLD demonstration that nothing changes at school.

Very eloquent photo. The children are crammed under the wall in the dark, like a herd of cattle or like prisoners in a concentration camp, and the guards, except with whips, walk down the wide corridor between them. What nation is growing? Humiliated, intimidated, submissive to everything that power does, passive.

Elena Mykhailenko

And in our boarding school, the acting director, born in 1990, seems to be a young man not burdened with a “scoop”, but this school year he and his deputy created a miniature “Soviet Union” for us. At 9 o’clock the first lesson in the schedule from a preparatory class to 9 educational hours begins. All classes are taught for 45 minutes, starting with the line and ending with the class teacher’s hour. Imagine with what mood and appearance all children of a boarding school go on a break. The only thing missing is a German with a whip … I have no words. The administration forgot that it was a school, not a penal colony. Although the slogans of the school are very good, but in fact inadequate methods of education …

Helena smirnova

Every Monday my children hurry to get dressed, forget to have breakfast and fly to school because there is a line. Start at 8.10. Who will be late, as my 2nd-grader Sonya said: “What are you, mom, I’ll be toilets in a moment!” Students’ performance indicators are read on the line. Such a class – some good grades and some bad. Who exactly who – also tell. Argued for bad behavior. They ran along the corridor, for example. The school principal leads the line. You can’t be late. There was a line in my school years – more than 25 years ago. From experience I will say – it does not correct the success of students, and discipline, in principle, too. I say to one mother: let’s initiate and cancel the line – what do you need it for? -You what, how? – That mother answered in surprise. We studied – and we had a line! Let them go too!

Nadiya Zinchenko

The ruler is a camp attribute, we haven’t lived in a scoop for a long time, there is no ruler in schools anywhere in the world … Only in prisons and schools there can be a “construction” on the square .. …

My children and I are not adapted to the herd, to the “collective farm”. It is difficult for us to “keep up”. We break a child from kindergarten, then everyone is lined up at school … In the civilized world, personal space is valued. My son was surprised that there are no couples, no couples, no rulers, no ostentation, gender equality …. I cried when the child had to return to our school, the child complained about the false imposition “we are one school family ‘I “…

Olga Godunova

It is necessary to ban by order of the Ministry of Education and Science all military-type construction and lines in the civilian school. These lines are actually a BOLD demonstration that nothing changes at school. Constructions and rulers are a compulsion to stupid obedience. Even in today’s army, it doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore.

Vyacheslav Vegera

Another purely Soviet “invention” is the use of pupils (students) and teachers as a mass.

Of course, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 27, 2010 N 778 “Regulations of the secondary school” distraction of students from classes for other activities and involving students in activities not provided by the curriculum is prohibited, but …

So what to do so that children in embroidered shirts are not exposed to the cold when the authorities or people’s deputies come?

Paraska Dvoryanyn

Did I just notice that the teenagers were caught up in the hall as usual on the order for the crowd, so they laughed. I wonder why at all events, from laying flowers to visiting the theater, according to the old Soviet tradition, people are driven to the crowd?

Oleg Shramko

It is also typical to use children in various “Bread and Salt” shows for school guests, often performed by sleepy (frozen, hungry …) children. See in the photo is a modern version of greeting “young pioneers” in embroidered shirts.

3. Rituals-synchronizers (calls to the lesson, the ritual of grading in the class journal, the use of paper diaries as a tool for synchronizing the lives of students, etc.).

Ritual synchronization actions in the style of Old School are still common in Ukrainian school education. For example, the general synchronization of students ‘and teachers’ lives takes place through a lesson call. The same function is performed by the ritual of putting grades in the class journal. The school diary is also a tool for synchronizing learning and an important element of repressive pedagogy.

The general synchronization of life (rising at the factory horn, rebounding at the factory horn) was one of the “cornerstones” that determined the lifestyle of the early industrial era. Of course, now the factory horn has become a museum relic.

In conditions when clocks were rare, it was difficult to imagine the organization of the educational process in the school of the time of Jan Amos Comenius without a bell for a lesson (a mini-analogue of a church bell).

In many audiences, I showed my film about an elementary school in the Israeli town of Petah Tikva, where there is no bell. A typical reaction: we will never have that. Because we do not need flexibility in the organization of the educational process. We do not think about how to give each student the opportunity to follow an individual educational trajectory. We need “order” in school.

We are so used to working on the call that even in many institutes of postgraduate education, “factory life” is organized every day.

It is necessary not only to remove the cells from the hands of teachers for each lesson in the class journal, but also to remove the class journal in general as a rudiment of education of the past era.

I think that most teachers will not agree, because they are afraid of losing their “significance” …

Zoryana udic

And diaries. I do not understand at all why the school needs a paper diary, if there is an electronic one.

Olga Kolendovska

For the most part, teachers have no idea how to work differently. The teacher will do not the way he should, but the way he can, adapting all the innovations to his habits and views. You will not control each and every day. And the cells will continue to count in notebooks, and will miss the class journal, because it is a familiar and understandable order. First of all, we need to take care of raising the general and methodological culture of teachers, encourage them to learn and grow professionally.

Svitlana Kuz’mina

Amazing discussions! And does anyone even remember / know that any commission that comes to school starts by checking magazines. And then the teacher gets both a tail and a mane! And for the accumulation, and for the average thematic and for I still do not know what. And in general, as our director says, “The magazine is the only document according to which you are paid a salary!” And you are all clever here and have piled on some teachers who have this magazine (diary) in their livers!

Svitlana Radchenko

This is how modern first-graders write homework. And we give them a paper diary and a grade “for keeping a diary”!

The boy, brought up by bloggers, drove the teacher to hysteria with comments in the diary :)))

4. Rituals of local authorities (ritual of greeting the chair of the chief, inviting “honored guests”, hanging portraits, etc.).

There is a ritual of congratulating the chair (director, rector) on the Day of Knowledge, Birthday (date varies depending on the birthday of the ass sitting in it), Education synthesize example Worker’s Day, March 8 (during the period when women sit in it ), etc. Moreover, they welcome the chair itself, not the person. A person is immediately forgotten as soon as he leaves this chair.

The reason for the existence of this ritual in an attempt to become “their own”, because in the current educational hierarchy, the usual practice is the constant harassment of “strangers”. As a result, the norm of life has become a system of adaptation in teams, whispering and sitting … Therefore, and “friends” (and the ritual of greeting the chair is a demonstration of loyalty!) Heads of educational institutions, usually only with those who are currently “profitable” “.

Ultimately, the result of the expulsion from the education system of “strangers” and the promotion of only “their” is the reverse selection of personnel and the decline of local education systems.

Portraits of local chiefs (including the mayor) can be hung in a prominent place in the school lobby, stand on a table in the office of the director of the education department (once ridiculed such a case with a portrait of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration ), and sometimes even printed in a specially created primer. Needless to say, hanging portraits of leaders in schools is a ritual from our totalitarian past.

Among the varieties of rituals-povagizators of the local “authorities” is the practice of inviting “honored guests” to all sorts of school activities with frank praise in their address. Very often the school principal is obliged to decide on the purchase of a “gift” that the “guest of honor” gives, for example, on the anniversary of the school.

“Where does the Motherland begin? From the picture in your primer …”

From September 1, a portrait of the mayor of Kharkiv Kernes from the school “Primer” which for some reason is called “Primer of the Kharkiv schoolboy” walks on Facebook. The portrait itself is a separate research topic for psychiatrists. The desire to separate Kharkiv schoolchildren from all other Ukrainian schoolchildren is a matter for the SBU. But the essence is not in the portrait and not even in the person depicted in it.

In my opinion, regardless of whether the good mayor-governor-prime minister is the president or the bad one, in children’s notebooks, diaries, books, etc., especially in primers, their faces have no place. These are just managers who must ensure the proper functioning of the city-region-country, and not engage in self-admiration and self-publicity.

There is no place for portraits of government officials on school walls – in classrooms, offices, etc. They are not heroes, not children’s favorites, not inspirers, not inventors, not scientists. They appear because in each of these people sits a worm of the still unburied Soviet idol Lenin, which eats their brains. All of them, struck by the Soviet bacillus, try to impose the stamps of the past on modern realities and at the same time assert themselves at the expense of schoolchildren. And children have to look at these marmys for years …

It would be great and wonderful if officials, as well as school principals and teachers, realized that children’s heads and schools are not a place for political battles and advertising campaigns, but when they do not understand this, school protection against such cases should be regulated at the state level. …

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